do i quit or not?

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do i quit or not?

May 31, 2006
i'll make it quick.

do i quit my job working in the metrocentre or not?

its part time and they've been letting me not do weekend but i will have to do them again soon.

the pay is crap at 4.45.

i hate it.

sometimes get 3 hours per week.

on the other hand where else will let me do just through the week?

don't know what to do been there 18months,.
be wary of relying on ebay selling.
its good when the sales are good but for example a postal strike can hit you hard ;) i ebayed for a few months and did well out of it but got tired of all the idiots plus money was a bit sporadic.
although given your only doing a few hours part time im guessing you still have the apron strings attached so its just play money you need

why not look for part time work in somewhere that does monday to friday only? i saw a part time position in a local soliciters post room(no i wasnt applying) which was a few hours a week in the afternoons
get a new job first, not all supermarkets will make you work weekends, you can job share with a parent who can only work weekends
i could manage ebay selling i reckon, i get £30 from college a week which would run the car, also get bonuses etc.

sometimes i like my job others i don't, it's quite laid back because they aren't on your case all the time to do work unless the managers in.

everyone i know with a supermarket job is on more money but hates it.

i've been saying i want a new job for over a year but haven't looked because i've got one.

the plan would be, try out ebay selling, if it fails get a different job, even temp work in a shop, with 18 months experience and a good refference i should be able to get a job fairly quickly.
with 18 months experience and a good refference i should be able to get a job fairly quickly.

not necessarily, ive had over 2 and a half years experience and almost 1 year of that as a supervisor and im struggling to find another job. but atm its not too bad as ive got some extra hours and a couple of better shift times
up from 3.80 when i first started lol, they'll always get away with it because theres always students like me who need the money:(

dont worry about it,look on it as just cash till your educations passed.
if i hadnt dropped out of uni i would be in the same boat
cheers guys, wouldn't mind warehouse work.

micky i'm guessing your looking for a supervisor job, contract etc. i'm just after anything for money which is an improvement on my job
i get EMA weekly and only 4.30 an hr at halfrauds but its a damn sight more than no job (y)
Working in the Metro Centre... I salute you :worship:

I feel my blood boiling after only an hour in that hell pit of lemmings.