Did I miss an opportunity?

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Did I miss an opportunity?


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Apr 26, 2007
Guys, did I miss an opportunity to save some real money? :confused:
1st Service day today for my GPS 1.9 12K miles on the clock now and she's 12 months old. I had in my pocket a letter from the dealer saying that my first Service would be free, official, negotiated at the point of Sale :D .
Now, if I had asked them "just to do the Service" and then produced my letter when I collected her, rather than being straight and saying at the time I took her in "Oh and my 1st Service is free look" or similar...

Do you think I may get a lesser Service cos its free to me, or am I being paranoid and maybe I shouldnt diss the Dealer? :)

Have to say so far they have been ok with me, and I have requested they :-
Make my Horn button pushable! (known issue)
Fix my Whale moaning back brakes when reversing (again known issue)
Make my windscreen washer hit the screen instead of the wiper blades (plenty posts on THAT)
And stop my front brakes squeeling every time I apply them (again, known issue)

either way its probably best if you service it yourself as well, you cant trust a dealer with something as important as the first service, but at the same time you need that stamp in your service book to keep the warranty.
Are you serious Jug? :eek:

I will be asking what oil they used because of the Selenia a.n. other oil debates for sure. Cant recall if the Service schedule is in the Handbook, I guess my main question is :-

What should they do at 1st Service, and what would they do if I was paying?
What might they not do that they should do as I am NOT paying?
they wont use selenia these days because fiat sold fiat lubricanti to pay for GP development costs meaning it is no longer financially advantageous to use selenia.

the service schedule tells you what needs to be done.
Cool. Well at least the FIAT stamp should be worth a quid when I come to sell or PX.

Thats the weekend for me then, check the dealers work! At least the weather should be good for it!
I would have kept quiet about it being free so they do their normal thing.
you can always mark everything that is on the service schedule, but make sure you check it has been changed before you leave the dealership, and make sure the marks cant be wiped off easily.
Well the only Ace up my sleeve is the Customer Satisfaction Survey letter I got from the Dealer before I took the car in. I slapped it on the desk and told them I will fill that in and send it back after the Service lol! (y)
if the Satisfaction Survey doesnt scare them nothing will lol
Hmmm dont want to scare them thats not good. Just want them to know if they feck me about I have a way of letting the Family run business Proprietor know, who seems genuinely interested in how his people manage Customers.
Good news so far. :)

Car back when promised, no charge, as expected. :)
Rear brakes now dont groooooaaaan reversing. :D
Front brakes no longer squeel. :)
Horn push button works (y)
Water from screenwashers now hits the screen (just) :)

Oil change, cant tell cos it goes black straight after the engine has run. :)

Question.... Where the Feck is the oil filter?!!! :confused: :confused: