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Styling Dashboard Lights


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Feb 16, 2006
hey guys, got the Neon things in looking really good.

now im looking at changing the lights behind my speedo and such, does anyone know whether it is a bulb, or LED ? and how to go about it ? aswell as is it just a tint behind the speedo, that i could replace ?

oh and one more thing, im looking at putting my switch for the neons in one of the spare slots next to the rear window heaters and that, how do i go about this ?

many thanks
Well, I saw this discussed someplace else, and at least somebody did it, as I so pictures of a punto with blue speedo lights. The person who did it sait that the lights behind the dash board and so on are led's and to add up they are SMD leds - that's 1x1 mm thingie soldered directly on the electronic board - you need a very good solder hand and tool, and also to find your color option smd led's.

To be short if you never did smd electronics than you probably need help from a profesional ...

Good luck
If your lookin to do the bulbs behind the dash they are SMD Led bulbs which are soldered onto the mainboard of the dash. I did mine. Give me your email address n ill send u some pics tonight when i get chance to get pic in the dark. tell me what u think. Ive done a couple of conversions now no problems so far!