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Technical dashboard fiat punto


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May 30, 2021
can someone help me to resolve a problem of a fiat punto model year 2003 , engine: petrol that have
speedometer which went from 400,000 km to ----- (blocked), 5 small dashes.
Does anyone have a technical solution to this problem? Is it possible to reprogram the meter?
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I've moved the thread to mk2 punto section rather than mk1 ;)

You have a punto with 400,000km on it :eek: thats like 250k miles - this has to be somekind of record surely!!

Cause, i have no idea - but as above connect up to the OBDII and see what the car says.. MultiEcuScan will connect up and it can change the mileage number, but only upwards from whatever the mileage is on it already.

I'd lean toward the display has just failed myself if i were to guess, its hardly new anymore and LCD displays aren't great at standing the test of time.
If the O.P. is in Algeria

It could be a FIAT we dont get..
Like a Palio..Siena

That ARE punto based :)
But might be using the older tech

I take it all 176 were OBD1: 3pin..?

OP does state its a 2003 Punto. Whether there is differences between what they got and what we got I don't know, but from fiats point of view for it to be different would have required extra work which i dont see them doing. I'd guess any difference is down to trim level not engines and ecus etc. Plus i dont think any pre OBD2 fiats had a digital readout for the milometer do they? I can't think of any at least

Yep, 176 puntos have the fiat 3 pin diagnostics port with the exception of the 1.6 sporting (95) and the GT - as these had bosch ecu's - I know of no way to read the codes in a 95, you can do a 'blink test' on the GT for which i did a guide that can be found here

I seem to remember there being a thread where someone was trying to get the codes off a 95 sporting and tried the blink test but it didn't work.

So i think the only was to get a code off a 95 sporting is to have an old Fiat Examiner, very rarely see these come up for sale and when i have they have been very expensive - I'd have to be very sure i was keeping the car forever and ever to justify buying type money - but theres a remote possibility a dealership thats been around in the same location for a lon long time might have an old fiat examiner.

OBD2 was a legal requirements for cars from 2000 in the UK, and the mk1 ran until 1999. Only model that spanned before and after could have either fiat 3 pin or OBD2 (for example early seicentos were single point injection and had fiat 3 pin, then there was a facelift - but really the only reason was it had to OBD2 and they went to multi-point injection and put a manicat on rather than one down under the car, probably just to improve emissions as they got stricter then as well)
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