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Nov 26, 2004
southend on sea, essex
well yeah not much to say, but going down country road, chucking down with rain so slowed down to 40, saw the end of the road triangle sign thing only few metres ahead, emergency stop, skid, next thing i know im in a ditch, person behind has done the same, crashed into me pushed me further into the ditch, it has held up very well, just hope its nothing major like suspension/chassis, looks wise its just the bumper, headlight, no damage to rear. my back is ****ing killing me :(
i'm saying nothing..nothing at all. I put my car into a field shortly after i passed my test. (i was driving a road worthy car at the time though...)
Bad Luck, hope your spines ok, guy behind was probably just fixated on your boot lid rather than driving for himself so just followed you in. Car will live again, Puntos the starbug of cars!
its the classic example of too much speed.
the triangle thing being a give way sign at a junction. if you slowed to 40 you were going too fast for the conditions,road ahead and your skill level.
lets put aside you had been told to not drive the car.
break it for parts since it was goosed anyway,put it towards a mechanicaly sound car and start again.
it was probably one of his illegally driving mates and they were racing in the rain try to drift (handbrake turn) and he thought the smoke from his exhaust would make up for the tyres burning and he span into a ditch....
but i could be wrong :)
YES! :devil:

im just joking :)
Im sure he's a very good driver, seeing as he passed first time too (y)
All i can say is i hope i do as good as him...probs wont tho lol :rolleyes: