Technical CONNECT + cd Problem

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Technical CONNECT + cd Problem


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Mar 14, 2007

My little boy decided he wanted to listen to The Snail and The Whale cd in the car, only problem is he didn't remove the map cd first :bang:, now there are 2 cd's stuck in the ConnectNav+ system. Any idea how to remove the 2nd cd?

Is it possible to diy or is it a take it to Fiat dealer job?:cry:
Is it possible to do that? 2 CD-s in slot? :eek:
I can't believe, but I don't want to try .... :D
Is it possible to do that? 2 CD-s in slot? :eek:
I can't believe, but I don't want to try .... :D

Yes it is possible to put 2 cd's in one slot. If you do try it, it is possible to get the 2nd one out. I finally managed to retreive The Snail and The Whale.:)

Once you have removed the Connect Nav + unit ( I found a couple of pieces of copper wire sligthly thinner than a metal coat hanger released the unit), remove the fron pane by undoing the 6 screws that hold the front panel on ( 2 top, 2 middle & 2 bottom), then remove the 4 screws that hold the top of the unit on. The gently pus hte upper CD from the rear of the unit ( 3 hands comes in handy here) whilst with a slim scfrewdriver holding down the plastic retaining lugs (x2) on the front of the CD slot. Once the CD has started to emerge from the slot, gently pull it out. Then replace the top panel and screws and finally the front panel and screws.

The whole job took around 10 mins from removing the CN+ from the car to replacing it back and powering it up.

Hope this info is useful if anybody else has an impatient 3 year old who wants to listen to their CD's in the car.;)