computer- £100? advice??

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computer- £100? advice??

Nov 26, 2004
southend on sea, essex
hello all,

well my laptop is slowly breaking and is soon going to cost me another £200 to repair, and will still be running utter ****e- tried all antivirus stuff, and deleted the virus's but still running bad. :( i think my cheap laptop was for occasional use lol, not full use.

so point of this thread, is i want a real working computer? i want to spend about £100 on one (main unit only, il snatch screen from mums work and i have mouse and keyboard)

what would you do? buy one from ebay all together? or could i basicly make one? i dont mind not having one for few months, (my laptop might just last a little longer......), i would rather build one because then i can spend smaller amount at a time....

all advice welcome please :)
This one? :p

You wont get a good pc for 100 quid, it will probably run worse than your laptop
i just want it to run good, lol.

errmm spec? hmmmmm, i duno if its not better than my laptop then it'll probably be crapo.

512mb ram
20gb hard drive
celeron processor 2.60ghz

errrmmm main points there?

would i be better building a pc? i could spend like £20 a week on it and after few months then surely my laptop will go and il have a decent pc? :)
My comp was built for £200 originally....

The fact i spent another £100 getting another cd/dvd drive and more memory is another matter however ;)