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General Colour Me Stupid Mk1

Pick your [second] favourite colour

  • Black

    Votes: 2 11.1%
  • Broom Yellow

    Votes: 1 5.6%
  • Garden Green [Metallic]

    Votes: 1 5.6%
  • Midnight Blue [Metallic]

    Votes: 2 11.1%
  • Orange

    Votes: 5 27.8%
  • Racing Red

    Votes: 3 16.7%
  • Sea Blue [Metallic]

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Steel Grey [Metallic]

    Votes: 4 22.2%

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Apr 9, 2007
West Sussex
As it seems that every thread descends in a colour war :bang:

Now is the time to vote.

So, if you cannot vote for the colour of your own then pick your [second] favourite.

Picture attached for reference


  • Barchetta Mk1 Colours.jpg
    Barchetta Mk1 Colours.jpg
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First of all, thanks for taking the time out to vote, that would be 18 of us – I was, like you, getting bored with every thread descending into a colour war.

So, having started this poll, I suppose I should nail my colours to the mast. [I’ve avoided comment previously.]

I await the flames as I post the reasons - as per the poll – in alphabetical order.

Black – at the time when I purchased mine it was described to me as something like Aubergine – which in a certain light was brown – it wasn’t 1974.

Broom Yellow – Just a little too brash for me. [Saying that the “Ivo” stripes only work on yellow and break it up to ease it on the eye – even if you think they’re retro, they just suit the yellow]

Garden Green [Metallic] – Too old English for me and I could have bought a mint MGB for the price I paid for the barchetta. I’m glad I didn’t.

Orange – My friends pushed me in that direction, I do like it , but it’s Orange! * [Although I still look for orange on auto trader, as I fancy a second one just to confuse people.]

Racing Red – I just didn’t want a little red sports car. That, and age old fears of paint fade put me off, yet this has apparently been proved otherwise with the b.

Sea Blue [Metallic] – I hired the one in Revs article [Topless review thread] from Autohaven before purchasing [they knocked the price of the hire off the purchase price] I just didn’t like the colour. * Fortunately, it didn’t put me off the b.

Steel Grey [Metallic] – on any other car it’s a sign that you’ve given up, on the b I just thought hmm possible, but not for me. That and the majority of Porsche Boxsters are a similar colour.

And finally…

I drive a Midnight Blue [Metallic] barchetta. It was the only one left.

However, In conclusion we are colour blind, as no matter what colour it is, we bought it, we like it , we drive it.

* inconclusive results prove a similar train of thought
Would a white B be nice? Hmm.. Can't picture it in my head, but I think it could be nice. Give it some classic feel. What do you think? Ever seen a white B?