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Technical Clutch Judder


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Oct 4, 2007

I own a 1.6 16v Fiat Bravo and over the last couple of days I've noticed some clutch judder - It's a 1997 model that was previously owned from new by my Dad, so I know this has never happened before.

Could it just be a case of low brake fluid? If so, where is the reservoir to check this?

Just took it to a garage and they looked at it for about 10 seconds and said the clutch needed replacing at a cost of £250 - is that a fair price?

Will it do any harm drivig it around for a few days, as I like to get a couple of quotes after the weekend.

Grateful for any help anyone can give me on this problem.

it cant be the brake fluid, the clutch hydraulics are only used to disengage the clutch, if there was a problem you'd notice it was difficult to select any gear. clutch judder is usually due to clutch wear or a leak that is contaminating the clutch plate. a clutch costs £50-75, fitting will be £100-150, so £250 isnt a bad price but you'll get it cheaper if you shop around.
Thanks for that - is it easy to check for the leaks that might be contaminating the clutch plate?

Also, will I be damaging anything by driving it around before I get it fixed?
You wont damage anything for now if its just clutch judder. But best to get it seen too soon. So yes go shop around as Jug stated.
Thanks for the advice guys. However it seems to be OK now!

I took it to another garage and they said it wasn't too bad and to see how it goes - touch wood it'll be OK for a while!!!