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Technical Clutch sound

I had something similar a while back... Started out as an air whistle and built up over a few weeks to a nasty groaning sound with knocking. That was knackered clutch bearings. Yours may just be dry, but it's worth checking.
The advice I got when mine started was 'see how it goes, it might not get worse'. Mine got worse...though it look around 500 miles to go from annoying to 'I'm not sure if I'm going to get home'.

Sooner or later, you'll need to get the clutch looked at, I think.
Ok thanks mate, how much is change the clutch in garage now these days about ,i am thinking to do it by myself but on car park how long it will take about to do it on fiat brava 1.2
Buy a Haynes manual or check threads on the forum. There was one guy in Ireland a few years ago (M2Bsomething..) who did all sorts of jobs on his Bravo 1.2 van. It should be also on the Punto forums too, loads of people were posting about clutches and gearboxes (Flisko ?)
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