Technical Brava SX 80 2001 Clutch Replacement

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Technical Brava SX 80 2001 Clutch Replacement


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Dec 30, 2014
Hi there,

I have the aforementioned Brava as a little run about for work and feel it's showing signs of clutch wear; over-revving when depressing the clutch and when hard accelerating in 3rd and 4th? Certainly doesn't feel as smooth to drive as it did.

If this is the issue, I certainly don't have the expertise to replace it myself, or indeed the tools with which to do so, but I do want to keep costs to a minimum.

If I do get the clutch replaced, are there any other replacements that would be beneficial in this area to do at the same time? I have read about the slave cylinder but other than clutch stiffness, there are no other hydraulic related issues. I assume a full clutch kit would contain all I need but your advice on the whole issue would be welcomed.
a clutch kit should contain a clutch plate, pressure plate and release bearing. There is nothing else specifically you should have changed unless there is a problem with something that has to come off in order to drop the gearbox off - perhaps check condition of the driveshaft boots but nothing else other than that.