General cinq windscreen removal/fitting

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General cinq windscreen removal/fitting


May 15, 2005
Coningsby, Lincolnshire
Has anybody done it? I'd like to repair the rust under our windscreen before we sell it, but I need to take the screen out to do the job and I don't want to pay to get it refitted!!!!!!

Something like a windscreen refitting is something best left to pros, as they have all the right equpiment etc
I've done screens on classics, where you pop the seal round the screen then put the retaining wire in. The cinq looks similar, As the seal appears to just sit tightly in the frame. If so between 2 or 3 people it should be possible. Surely someone (rallycinq maybe, or fixit?) has done it or seen it done?

Yep, - I watched the guy change the windscreen on the black'un.

All he did was on the inside peel back the rubber seal in the driver's side top corner and push, working it along.

Sticking it back in is as you suspect - he fitted the seal to the screen with a thin rope inside the channel and pulled it in.

Took some jiggling to centralise, but we got there.

Funnily enough he helped me do the spot of rust that was just starting under the seal, too....
i did mine its easy to do it tock me and mt dad about 20mins to do just woch out you dont crack it like my bro did to his