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Tris Harris

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Jul 2, 2007
Hi guys, i have a 8v mk2 punto active sport.

How do i get to the back of the cigarette lighter is basically my question. . . i had a look earlier on today and i took of the panel in the drivers footwell (the one where the heating comes out) and i couldn't see any wires. Do i need to take off teh front of the console? or can i take the ash tray out? I had a quick look for a guide but didn't see one so if i missed it im sorry and can you point me in the right direction (y)

Oh yeah, its the silver centre consol don't know if its different to the other ones :D

Thanks in advance, Tris
Dont need to take console off, just prize it out wit plyers or grippers. be careful tho as i broke mine trying. (y)
cheers, im after fitting some neons in the footwells so wanted to hide the wiring behind there aswell but if i cant manage to get behind i will try this (y)