Technical Cigarette lighter adaptor

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Technical Cigarette lighter adaptor


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Jul 12, 2018
I'm just going to get straight to the point since it's fairly basic.

Do all of your cigarette lighters work with charger adaptors? In my car a few months ago you'd have to have the adaptor in a very specific spot for it to work and even then the connection would cut off. Recently I checked with a friends adaptor and it doesn't work anymore. The lighter itself work perfectly. I just wanted to know if yours work with adaptors like they should before I start fiddling with it.
Also anyone know how to get the ashtray bulb out? Do I have to take out the whole assembly or..?
Feb 22, 2004
Faringdon, Oxfordshire UK
Cigar lighters were first introduced with a standard diameter across Europe and the US. Japanese ones were slightly smaller diameter. Whilst most are now the smaller diameter, Fiat seem to still use the larger one, which results in many adaptors being a loose fit. Unless the side spring on the adaptor is strong, the adpator can easily move and break the connection. This can just be inconvenient, or can cause fuses to blow, either in the car, or the one in the adaptor. Most adaptors have a small glass fuse in them.