Choice between 2 CD Decks

Mar 19, 2005
Ive got 2 cd decks here, and this may be a bit of a stupid quetion but I need help deciding between the 2.

One is in the car just now, JVC KD735R, 4x45w, 1 pre out, silver and goes with my colour scheme, sounds good too.

And Ive got this kenwood that I found previously from an older car we had, we bought this for it, its a Kenwood KDC3024 4x50w 1 pre out, but its black and wont go with the scheme.

Is it worth the hassel trying to wire this kenwood up? and it not fitting in with the silver dash? will a kenwood sound much better than my JVC?
Dec 20, 2004
Really thats down to you... Whats more important? A little bit more power and possibly quality (only little mind) and have it stick out like a sore thumb - and you have to wire it in. OR keep your existing setup...

Why fix what isnt broken comes to mind - you can always sell the kenny and put it towards a speaker upgrade..