Bravo How 2 Antenna connections into single?

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Bravo How 2 Antenna connections into single?


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Jan 31, 2023
AKI County
I have a question in order to change original BOSCH radio on Lancia 844 DELTA(I am sorry but this car is brother/sister to FIAT BRAVO) to a Japanese domestic radio.

The purpose to change from original BOSCH is mainly frequency range difference between EU and Japan.
In Japan, FM 76 – 95MHz and on the highway, we need to receive MW1,620/1,629kHz for traffic info.
(For the moment, I can receive 90.8MHz only in my area and many stations on MW range in very good reception)

This is the original radio.

Attached pictures are the BOSCH original and it works very well basically, but I would like to change to a Japanese Radio for the reasons above.

This radio has 2 antenna connectors, ISO and FAKLA, so I suppose there are 2 different antenna equipped on my car, one is roof top and the other is rear window printed. I need to combine them in one together with send 12V power to the booster in order to change to Japanese radio which has single antenna port. It seems like ISO is for MW and FAKLA is for FM, I suppose.

Please let me know how to combine 2 antenna leads to single. Is there any impedance deference between the two and they need to adjust? Where is the booster originally located in the radio itself or car body?

Thank you in advance to help this issue.



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I have completely solved this matter by myself until today, Feb 26, 2023. Now, MW stations are sound so clear like blue sky and FM is of course listened in higher quality with happiness surrounded. If anyone needs to get both MW wave combined with FM simultaneously in good listening quality, I may be able to help now.