Technical Changing the slave cylinder

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Technical Changing the slave cylinder


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Jan 4, 2006
Hi Everyone, first time poster here.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a guide which shows clearly how to change the Clutch Slave Cylinder. Mine arrived this morning (£30 delivered from shop4parts). I've so far gathered basic information about doing the job (seems easy enough) but i really need a step by step guide. I've searched the forum, but like I said all i've found is basic information. Also, would this information be in the Haynes manual? I could do with information such as what tools i will need to do the job, etc etc.

I don't want to pay £30 when i could do it myself.

Many thanks!
Yes, its covered in the Haynes. Be sure to bleed the system when fitted too.
Its a real easy job. Battery out, clamp the hydraulic hose to minimise fluid loss and less bleeding to do afterwards, undo slave cylinder hyd hose and undo the two slave cylinder securing bolts. Refit and bleed. 30mins tops