Technical My Bravo failed the MOT....ideas wanted?

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Technical My Bravo failed the MOT....ideas wanted?


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Jul 27, 2017
So I took my Fiat Bravo SX on an "X" plate in for it's MOT. They failed it on Emissions and on corroded rear sub-frame. My question is a serious one, so please no flippant answers, as I loved this little car. 1: Does this mean she is now scrap? 2: if not, could a new sub-frame be fitted? 3: if so, what sort of money would I need to put it back on the road? I am not a mechanic, so would need to pay to have it all done.....If she is not condemned. Thank you everyone. Gerry.
I've moved your post to the Bravo/Brava section. I believe the subframe is fairly easily replaced on these vehicles, but finding a good replacement might be difficult. I'd start by searching ebay for "fiat bravo breaking" or "fiat brava breaking" and seeing what you can find. Emissions is a tougher one and may require some further investigation/diagnostics, but once the subframe has been sourced and replaced a good "Italian tune up" might be just enough to clear the system out and get the emissions good again. What's your usual type of driving - mostly town with a little dual/motorway, no motorway, or all motorway?
Hi, thanks for getting back to me. Mostly town, a very little motorway driving.
I live out in the burbs, so mainly country lanes.
I will certaily have a look round on ebay, and see what I can find. Pleased to hear that it is just certain death at this stage. gerry