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Technical Cassette Deck

Ste (homz)

Mar 1, 2006
hi guys and girls, wanting to buy a cd player for my punto although it has the orginal fiat cassette deck in their , will i be ok to just buy a cd player and fit it ? or will i need some kind of converter kit or anything.

im a total noob at all this, any advice on how to get the cassette deck out ? would it be worth just taking it to a specialist and getting them to fit one from the shelf.

cheers people:cool:
Not sure what MK Punto you got, but I have a MK 2 on a 51plate.

I just took out the Standard radio and put a after sales CD player in.

If you are intending at some point to get rid of the car, and you want to keep the CD player, make sure you have the Radio code for the CAS/Radio.

I had One block left over, that wounldn't fit into the Cd player. But it all works OK.

I also had to mess about with a couple of wires, as the Cd player didn't switch off with ignition. Now it does.

Also, you'll also need a surround for the CD player.

Something like this, I think there's one for sale in the Classifieds.

Good luck.
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yep dash adaptor plate needed. if its amk2 punto then there is a multi coloured block you just leave hanging loose dont need that with aftermarket stereo. also if you want radio to turn on and off when you turn ignition key then you may need to move a couple of wires. also possible an ariel adaptor depending on make of stereo.

dont know how much you spending but fitting at halfords is cheapish if you rather not do it and if you spend over £150 i think they fit free allthouigh i assume they will charge for the plastic adaptor plate
its a 99 t reg 1.2 16v 60 sx, ive seen a nice one we do at work to staff its only £60 although id need to take it somewhere to get fitted then, has front usb and media card slots, im going to go to a specialist place at the weekend and see if i can get anything about the £100 mark,

cheers guys.

ill let u know what i get
It's a mk1 so I would do it yourself as It is a case of unplugging the arial,two power block connectors and then plugging in the new cd player using the same connectors

There is no need to cut any wires or anything

I have seen people charged up to 25 quid to have this done and it only takes 5 mins
well i got it done yesterday, i wanted it doing there and then so did a deal with the guy all in for £100, (the deck was £90) got a kenwood cd/mp3 player , speakers in the car already where decent so left those in, sounds awesome now i love it, was a very pleasent drive home today from the gfs.

he charged me for a convertor plate/ adapter or whatever its called and a aerial , although when i went back to pick it up he refunded me for that as i didnt need them which i thought was very honest of him, a load of my dads mates go to see this particular guy and reccomended i go their, just a random car place in bradford.