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Technical Car won't start


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Aug 24, 2020
Hope you are all doing well. Just a quick question, hopefully someone can help. I have a 2006 1.6 16v that intermittent stalls when slowing down to stop in traffic. When I try to restart it is as if the battery is dead. Not turning the engine over fast enough, like the battery is to weak. When you push start it, it starts straight away. After that you can turn it off and start it normally. The battery charges at 13.6V. When you start the car it drops to like 9V. Brand new battery. Normal voltage is about 12.2V.

Thank you.
If the battery is new... but turns the engine over sluggishly, then there could be a problem with the starter motor (or at least the earth from it... I'm thinking that would create an electrical resistance).

Have a look at the starter, the leads and the earth point. You may next have to remove the starter to test it.. although if it was me, I'd fit a new/second-hand one and see if there's a difference, since I have no idea how to test a starter motor.

Why the car stalls is a different question and I don't think it's related to the sluggish starter. First job would be to clean out the throttle, particularly the position sensor, which is usually some kind of electrical box attached to the throttle body. Take it off carefully, clean any muck and gum out... then refit it.

If you're careful not to break anything (some TBs have the airflow sensor wire dangling in there) then it's not a difficult job, if you have some basic tools.

Ralf S.
Thank you kindly. I will have a look at what your pointers and see what what I can come up with.