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Jun 29, 2015
I'm annoyed and irritated i don't buy nice things for idiots to damage.
So the local car wash guys are well, idiots washing my car with WIRED WOOL!. And scratching it with their poundland jewellery. And dirty superman belts. Im annoyed obviously. So two days ago it had 0 marks/scratches and now its horrid considering its blue the paint missing stands out. Ill try include pics.
It'll need fillering and sanding because the marks are grooved.


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Is it not possible to put a claim in with the company? As well, it's damage to your vehicle by their hands.
I went back today and they dont speak a word of English, but what he did show me that they have no insurance for anything
Police? I did that today to see where i stood in the matter and i got a simple answer of "done at your own risk" which i assume if thats the case they should be signs saying its MY RISK but they is not
How can it be done at your own risk? How are you to know what they were going to do and that they had no insurance?
They're useless utterly useless.
I've contacted a sprayer/painter to view it and sort it, its looks horrid and its really visible because its white on a blue car
I'd consider popping into a Citizen's Advice Bureau if you've got the time.

I'd be surprised if you couldn't claim against the company. Especially if it's negligent or whatevers.