500 Canbus is dead

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500 Canbus is dead

No joy :(

Checked battery today, 10.5v! Replaced battery all good now.
I think you had a lucky save with that. 10.5 Volts suggests the battery had a damaged cell or had been run flat possibly by issues with the cars computers, keep an eye on it over the next few days to make sure all the computers are shutting down properly and not causing a drain on the battery
Next time you go out for a decent run use all the electrical equipment you can at the same time ! lights, heated screen, air con , radio etc to put maximum demand on the system- once home check both the charge rate again and the battery voltage when static and if possible voltage drop when starting!, if these check out you should be ok!
I'm interested to know which stereo & year of car you had & also if enabling CarPlay worked? I’ve got a 2017 500s with the 7" uconnect and tomtom nav. I’ve seen countless posts online about enabling this on cars of this period with the 7" so would be interested to know the year of the car, the uconnect in question, the features it had before etc. A write-up on this would be most welcome, as most seem to be in other languages & vague at best. Glad you got the car back from the dead thanks to a new battery too.