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Bufday driving day

The Trooper

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Sep 7, 2005
Stourbridge, West Midlands
I'm 21 next month :D Although I'm not one for making a fuss over my birthday, I kind of feel like I should being my 21st and all that, not too sure what I want to do. My parents asked if I wanted to do a driving experience thing, I think thats a good idea as its not the sort of thign I'd do on a regular basis.

They said they looked at a few places on the net, thing is the Ferrari ones look really expensive for what you get, I mean you only do something daft like 3 laps in them! :eek:

So then I thought I'd be best doing a driving experience day with less powerful cars (eg Lotus Elise's, Caterhams, Subarus etc), and seeing as I've never driven anything more powerful than a 1.4 Punto before :)o ) I think that would be the best option.

So I was just wandering if any of you guys had any experience of these events, and who gives you the best value (money to time spent driving ratio).

Any help much apprecio (y)

I'm tired, ohhh so tired, dU = Tds - pdv .....

Thermo exam.....

*passes out*

Trooper, do a search, I have commented about a day I did (as have others; more positive than i did!).

That wasn't meant to be rude, "Do a search" I was just telling you how to do it, oh I give up, where's my coca cola? Where's my f-ing pen!!! Why won't my printer print?! I need to learn these equations.
hang on a mo.....(ratches thru retro cars mag)......

mmm seems I have left the thing at home..

anyway appears there is a company that runs a 944 (turbo?) for track days and can be hired out/ used for instructing to drive a race track at speed for a day!

Anyone dig it out?
i was given the choice of whatsever motorsport one i wanted for my 21st last year (basically rally, single seater, catrham and 4 x 4's, none of the super car malarky...)

i opted for the single seaters, mainly because i wanted to see if i could beat my dads lap times around Brands in one (palmer audis). for the money, there was a whole lot of talk, n not so much driving. went out originally in a megane 225 to learn breaking points and turn in, where to hit the apex and power on etc, then onto the palmer audi after a breifing. there was alot of waiting around and briefings in comparison, was there for a good 2 - 3 gours, and probably saw half hour - 45 mins driving max (thats the learning and blasting...) its very heavily regulated in respect to what your allowed to do, only overtaking on the left on the straights, which at times was nie on impossible due to the fact all the cars were limited to top speed, and the reason you caught people up was because you had some balls in the corners. i got held up massively in the single seater, wasting a good 3 mins in the pits at the start (all cars are numbered and your allocated a car in each group of 6 - 10 cars out at a time, mine came in last and the guy infront kept stalling, then i got in a rolling road block on the track). if you didnt pass the initial test bit in the 225, you werent allowed in the palmer, so if you had a bad case of the nerves or whatever then you were screwed pretty much.

it was a greatexperience, loved every min of the track time, but for me there were way too many people on the track of varying abilities / confidence which made things more dangerous imo and too much at stake in the 225. i would recomend something like it, just look at the driving time given for each one
Well after long consideration, I've decided to go Porsche 911 and Ferrari F355 driving around Donnington :D I was looking af a few others like Mini Cooper S driving days, but I thought with it being my 21st, it's be something I'd remember as I can't see myself driving anything like this again! I go round in an MGZR to learn the track, then 10 laps in both the Porsche and Ferrari. Very excited! :D