Technical Bravo/Brava HGT parts compatibility

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Technical Bravo/Brava HGT parts compatibility


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Dec 3, 2020
Hey there, does anyone know if the wheel knuckles off of an HGT are the same as the regular Bravo/Brava or are they a different part number?

Reason for the question is i'm trying to retrofit an HGT big-brake kit onto my Uno. I was told that the regular 1.6 16v 256mm discs and calipers would bolt right into the Uno, so with that reasoning i went one step up for the 284mm kit from the HGT .. and now it doesn't bolt onto the Uno knuckle :bang:

If the HGT's have a different knuckle that might put me in the right direction so long as the rest of the mounting points are identical (tie rod, ball joint & shock tower)


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Jan 18, 2012
Lower lower arm is longer so the angle of the strut is a bit different and minimum rim is 15 inch. Bearing is also lot bigger so I'd imagine the knuckle is completely different.
I know that on brava the 1.8 cooled disk bolts into the 1.6 non-cooled disk knuckle without issue as took marea weekend 1.6 brakes to 1.6 brava (same as 1.8 cooled disk).

Fun fact, you can install uno 60 wheelbearing as the powersteering pump bearing on the 5-cyl.