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Technical brakes


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Jan 26, 2006
please help ive just changed the brake pads on the front off my girlfriends 3yr old punto active and they now are very spongy almost all the way to the floor so me and a mate blead them to no avail. has anyone got ideas wat this could be, im thinking that i might have dislodge the seal inside the piston so went to fiat for a quote £85 any ideas where i can get them cheaper (i live in lincoln uk). thanks for the help and im new to these fiat cars used to have a bx:)
I got new calipers for my panda from tms, they cost £15 each after exchange.
the piston dont feel seized in the caliper as they went back fairly easy, so i wouldnt thought they would be seized. could you tell me if tms have a branch in lincolnor near by. how easy are the calliper to service on the punto folks. cheers for the help lads/lasses
After changing pads you need to press the pedal a couple of times to push the fluid through to force the pistons out and press the pads against the disc.

The pedal should become hard again when this movement has been taken up.

If you've still got a spongy pedal it sounds like there is air in the system, possibly let in if the piston seal was dislodged.

If you managed to push it back in ok and there are no fluid leaks, it might be worth another go at bleeding the system. I use an ezi bleed kit which uses air pressure from a tyre to force brake fluid through. This has suceeded when normal manual bleeding just didn't work.
im going to change the master cylinder as there are no leaks on the caliper seal so im working my way back up the system how easy are the master cylinders to change or any hidden suprises on them :eek:
No need to bleed when doing pads however I trust you start bleeding from furthest bleed nipple from servo first & had pedal fully down when clsing nipple?