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Technical Bouncy cinqy

iron chef

Sep 2, 2007
west sussex
Hi guys,

Got a few questions for yous...

1) Basicly my cinq is driving like a pogo stick. Now i know that the shocks are finished so they need to be replaced but will springs need to be changed to suit if the shocks are lowering the car? or will i get away with keeping the 'stock' springs.

2)And the other thing is im not even sure if the springs that are on there currently are stock either :s Is there any give away signs? The car is a sporting btw

3) and lastly If the dampers i buy lower the car 40mm and they are for a sporting, should the car should be 60mm lower than a standard non sporting cinq??

cheers guys
OK so i cant fit after market shocks on the standard sporting springs.

So to get the thing to handle better im going to be looking at a set of four springs and dampers? Theres no such thing as compressing a sporting spring and squeezing it onto a smaller shock? :p

i know that the car has been lowered previously but since then its had a higher set up, so the biggest thing for me is knowing if the suspension is all standard to start with. I can then decide how much i want to drop it by or how much it has already been dropped by...

will pics help?

black springs, black dampers and its probably OEM.

Pointless fitting shortened dampers on stock springs, as RC says, it won't lower it. Also the damper won't work properly. It the dampers that really stop you bouncing all over the shop, the stop the springs oscillating.

You can fit long springs on the shorter damper, but remember that handling is a balance between the spring (which is actually the thing that absorbs the shock) and the damper.

You need to have the ability for the car to rise on its dampers, if you have it locked solid its not going to go over crests correctly.


Ok well thats got that cleared up. cheers guys.

ill have another read of the suspension threads now i know im looking for springs and shocks

i will be back

Standard shocks should cost about £60 an Axle pair, springs about £30 an axle pair IIRC.

Uprated shock/spring combos will cost you a helluvah lot more, dependant on a few things, the main being the manufacturer.

Oh and don't forget, if you lower it, the ride'll be loads harder, so don't foget to use extra fix-a-dent to keep your gnashers in! ;)
Well ive had 4 Cinquecentos, of various ages and they have all been green, the spare set i have in the shed are also green, and the ones on the P-reg Cinq in the local scrappy are green

Can only go from what i have seen :p and this is Fiat, so i wouldnt put it past them ;)
Cheers lads thats helped.

to be honest i was trying to steer clear of going back to standards. was looking for somthing stiffer. ive been directed towards Apex and Gmax kits (?) does anyone have anything to say about them??

thanks again
well, i have an APEX kit on the car, and it is very good, but makes speed humps a pain. :p

Cant comment on the Gmax, as I never fitted the one i've got, as i got given the apex the day after :D just sitting collecting dust now :(
-40mm kit on a sporting. And no, its not for sale. Its the Gmax thats not being used, as a full apex kit is better then gmax springs on standard shocks :p
dunno, mine was free :nerner:

do you really need a full kit tho? I was happy enough with just springs, but then the apex came up for a price I couldnt argue with :p
well nearside front and offside rear dampers are shagged, so i need new shocks. as it is it drives like absolute crap, wheel turns one way body rolls the other :( . so if im doing the shocks i might aswell do springs also.

i just dont want to pay mega bucks for somthing that really isnt worth it. im buying this purely for handling.