Technical Bionic Punto - does it need more "rebuilding?"

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Technical Bionic Punto - does it need more "rebuilding?"

Bionic Punto

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Feb 11, 2006
Hi all! Need help with my punto - Mk2 2000 reg ELX. Just a rant really I'm SICK of it! :cry: Have car since May 2004 and its been nothing but hassle, a real FIX IT AGAIN TOMORROW. Its got 43K on the clock and just passed its NCT (MOT). For instance, in Dec 2004 I replaced the centre and back box on the exhaust. a few weeks ago, the "rear release bearings" went and I had to get a new clutch. Now excuse my ignorance, I haven't a clue about these things. Ever since I got the new clutch, for the first mile or two, in the morning, when its cold, I'm finding it very difficult to shift gear in first and second. :confused: Then, when the car heats up, its fine and its fine for the rest of the day! Can anyone tell me what the problem is? To top it off, Now the exhaust is making a loud noise again, like a rattling, but again, its not all the time and usually only when the car is not moving. Also rattles loudly in reverse! HELP ME PLEASE!:bang:
rattling exhaust could be it striking the bodywork somewhere. perhaps you have an engine mount thats gone/worn and is alowing movement hence why its worse in reverse.

my gears are the same , in the cold its hard to get it into first and second but when it warms up its fine , i thought this was just the way the gears on the punto were like ?

exhaust has been fitted badly, and he would know when an engine mount is not there lol.

As for gearbox oil, sounds like you have the wrong oil in it?

75w90 from halfords but if you can get tutela from fiat its better.

Also spray wd40 on the slave cylinder boot for smoother gearchange.

happy puntoing.:slayer:
Thanks all! I'm gonna print this out and bring it down to the place where both the exhaust and clutch were fitted - get them to sort it out! I really do love the punto, when it behaves it really is a lovely car - but so sick of the probs! Thanks again (y)