Technical Bearing in gearbox damaged

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Technical Bearing in gearbox damaged


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Feb 17, 2020

I am new in this forum and i got a problem with my marea weekend, 04.2000, 1.6 16v 100, 76kw, 185000km. My english is not very good, espacially in technical things, but I will give it a try. It seemed to me that in this forum the most mareas are still around:)
Ok, the bearing in my gearbox which gives the power to the tires, is broken. Right side. The bearing of the drive shaft, on the gaerbox side. I hope you understand what I mean. I removed the right drive shaft und the rubber gasket and saw, that I cannot remove the bearing from this side. So I removed the left drive shaft and the rubber gasket and saw, that bothbearings have to be removed from the left side. I organised some workshop manuals from the near fiat workshop, but it seems that my gearbox is not listed. Then I made myself a special tool so I can pound both bearings from the right to the left side and remove them. This worked fine for me for 10 millimeters, then it stopped. I could try a bigger hammer, but I am a little bit frightened to destroy something. Any advice for me? Did someone solve this problem already? I made some wonderful pics for better understanding. Tried now to post it here for about 40 minutes, seems that it does not work. Not allowed to post links. Hope my explanation is good enough to understand.

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Bearing of the driveshaft? You mean the sealing bearing on the driveshaft itself?
From description it sounds like you are trying to change the differential bearings?
If it is the differential, I think the gearbox needs to be split to change them. Cant be sure as I've never tried that.

Multipla manual seems to say they can be changed with the differential removed.