Technical Questions about the Marea Aisin 60-40LE automatic gearbox

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Technical Questions about the Marea Aisin 60-40LE automatic gearbox


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May 13, 2019

Does the Aisin 60-40LE need to "talk" to the car's ECU or is it standalone?
I'm asking because I plan on using this gearbox to turn a manual car into an automatic.

My checklist for the conversion is:

-gear display ( not sure if really needed, the selector itself should suffice, unless the display is needed for diagnostics);

I've done some research online but can't find a definitive answer.

Has anyone replaced their broken gearbox with another one from say, ebay? If so, did it need any other work besides bolting it on?
The gearbox needs its own control unit (under rear seat) as gear changes are electrically controlled, it talks with the ECU.

I'd recommend getting the fiat workshop manuals and looking it as it has all the connections and diagnostics.
s it has all the con

Cool! Thank you! I'll do some research on that

My plan is to put this gearbox on the 1998 Multipla. Engines are the same, ECUs are the same (Marelli IAW 49F).

EEPROM can be copied from the Multipla to the Marea, so the immobilizer recognizes the Multipla key and that I don't have to change the locks + the ECU connector & wiring stays the same and that way, I can just swap the ECUs and connect either the gearbox to the Multipla engine or get both the engine and the gearbox from the Marea and put them into the Multipla.

I will get both the Multipla and the Marea workshop manuals and whatever else I can find, so I make sure I don't fry anything electrical but considering that the Marea is Typo 185 and the Multipla is Typo 186, costs for a completely different wiring harness + ECU layout would've been pointless, so I think I'm on the right track.

Was asking about replacing the original gearbox on the Marea with a second hand unit from another car because if it's just a direct swap&connect and it works, then I don't have to worry about some kind of lockout on the gearbox side not wanting to connect to a different computer but since you've mentioned the workshop manual, I'll probably find all I need in there. Thanks again!