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Tuning BBR or Mckrich Chip still available?


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Jun 27, 2023
Hello all,

I have been scouring the fiat forum for a while now looking for ways to make my Seicento Sporting SPI faster. I have come across a lot of threads talking about the BBR and the Mckrich chip. Sins all these threads are from 10+ years ago i hope to get information this way.

I was wondering is anyone has one for sale or knows anyone that makes another chip that is similar to one of these.

I would love to hear from you guys.
Yes only SPI, below is the mail i received from him with al the info.

I can still produce chips for the Seicento Mk 1 with the SPI engine and the IAW 16F ECU see below for details:

Full details:
I produce a chip for the Fiat 1108 and 1242 "fire" engines with single point injection (spi) using the Magnetti Marelli IAW 16F series ECU. ie, Cinquecento and Seicento (mk 1) Sportings and Punto 55 and 60s. Search on the cinq forum and you will see plenty of posts from very happy customers.

These are the most used threads.

The power/torque statistics are in the first link and the power/torque graphs are here: (these are for the 1108 Engine) . The chip will work fine with an induction kit and a bigger exhaust. most people have these mods. A few users have also used larger throttle bodies and the 866 cam quite successfully. The chip is fairly easy to fit, the fitting instructions are here:

The "Specific Chip" for Cinquecento and Seicento only, these keep the immobiliser active and are coded to the specific model range. These are £89 (or £98 including postage to Europe) . I need the code printed on the label on the original chip inside the ECU. If you need instructions to remove and open up the ECU see the link above.

The "Universal" for any SPI engine. These disable the immobiliser and so any key that turns the in the ignition lock will start the engine. Also useful if you want to use a separate ECU and keep your original unmolested. These are £79 (or £88 including postage to Europe). However about 25% of Seicento Users report a slight issue in starting the car, In that it sometimes does not start on the first turn of the key and can take 2-3 turns of the key to start the car. This issue does not occur with the coded specific chip,

If you are paying from outside the UK its best to use PayPal but you need to pay the fees about £2.50. I don’t think there is and Tax or Duty for the EU but I will have to complete a customs declaration. I have blank chips in stock, they were difficult to source for a while, so I can normally dispatch within 48 hours of receipt pf payment.

You can check what paypal fees will be here:

Kind Regards,

Michael Crich