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General bastard clutch cable

Mar 7, 2005
was driving along, and all of a sudden "SNAP" cluch peddle just fell to the floor, i was like wtf going on here then :bang:

1st time this has ever happened to me lol how easy are they to fit? 899cc seicento SX, i can see where its snapped (bit that hooks into the arm bar thing)

how much are they roughly also?


cables are about £15

if it anything like the sporting, they not hard to fit, you just need to be double jointed and have the flexibilty of a gymnast
Giggz said:
the best way is keep a spare in car and get your trusty aa man 2 fit it.

i keep a spare one in the boot as well, def the best bet...

but get the AA man to fix it? pah...

from jacking the car up, to puttin it back down on the floor it takes me about 45 mins to do on my jack, not hard really.... granted the first time is always harder, but get a haynes manual and it talks u through how to do it really well (y)

and remeber that if push comes to shove u can still drive with no clutch pedal, as long as u get the revs about right u can change gears without the need for engaging the clutch, good skill to have if its at night are your only a few miles from home (y)
well fixed it today, cable was £12, took me about 30min to fix...

jacked passenger side of car up

removed wheel

undone the two 10mm nuts holding clutch cable in

undone the clutch ajustment screw thing

pulled cable out and replaced with new one

then under passenger side footrest i used some snips to cut the cotta pin holding the fragment of the cable in

then slid the hook into the hole

put a new cotta pin in

then i ajusted clutch so it sat right

all in all nice easyjob :D