Doblo banana van


my dobbie when i first got her 12mths ago :)
well i brought her cos she stood out prefect for advertising my business.
shes abit bumpy being lowered & low profiles :slayer:
but a mattress in the back ?no seats in there . (y)
the suspension was lowered when i got it :)
but if you want to know how it was lowered the rear springs have been slightly inverted :slayer::slayer:
well a little update on the nanana van ,shes still going done 134k miles now no major problems only wear & tear you know the sort of things a new tyre,battery,fan belt oil change etc still doing around 42 to the gallon around town & properly a little more on a run ,would i have another dobbie after driving transits for most of my life yes ??
:slayer::slayer: rock on little yellow fella