Technical auto changer HELP !!!!!

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Technical auto changer HELP !!!!!


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Jan 15, 2006
Hi guys and girls i'm new so new infact i only joined 1/2 an hour ago :) .

This is my problem and i hope someone can help PLEASE :worship:

I have a 1.8 dynamic 2002 3dr "51 plate" 2 months ago my auto changer "fitted in the glove box factory fitted" packed up on me so i sent it away and got if fixed, my head unit will not recognise the cd changer now it only recognises the radio and the tape deck but cannot detect the cd changer ??

I have had the head unit checked and again the cd changer and they are both working fine individually but not together :cry: , i have both the codes for both units but it never asks for the codes, i can disconnect the head unit and plug it back in and the radio and tape deck work fine but not my changer.

Guys its driving me insane any help would be fantastic, i dont have an audio manual for my car so not sure if i are doing anything wrong,

PLEASE :worship: PLEASE :worship: PLEASE:worship: HELP,