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Aug 8, 2007
I am going to pick my BRAVO up tommorrow morning, should have been end of Sept but the wife overspent on our holiday:eek: .
Anyway all sorted now, so i go to get my car at last, all sparkly clean and under a protective FIAT BRAVO dust cover, and has been kept inside the back of the showroom out of the rain.
Will get some decent pics so long as it stays dry tommorrow:worship:
Took this one before the Holiday.

Ahh looks lovely! No sleep for you tonight! Enjoy it tomorrow, looking forward to some pics :D

Yes its going to be a restless night tonight i think, im really looking forward to getting the car, First car with a Turbo in so thats going to be different lol, will be interesting to give the Sport button a go:tempt:
Will get get some good pics of it tommorrow, just hope it doesn't rain:shakehead
Collected the car this morning:D :D :D , wow is all i can say.
May need to take it back to have the small light on the door release catch looked at on the drivers side, doesdn't seem to be working like on the other 3 door release catches:chin: , nothing that is urgent though.
Cant wait for Sunday to get hear now so that i can take it out again:D
Was so involved with the car today i forgot to take some photos :rolleyes: ,will do tomorrow though.
Thanks Hellcat,
I love this car so much, i couldnt believe just how power she's got got under that bonnet for a relitiverly small engine, the acceleration is wow.
It has been worth the wait.
Nothing wrong with that colour. It's a great shade and looks even better in the flesh. Still I love my black with its blue and green flakes.

IG 4 for the 1.4s, IG 5 for the 1.4 Dynamic, IG 7 for the 120 diesels and IG 10 for all the 150s both petrol and diesel.
Thanks for the insurance info.

No, there's nothing wrong with the colour, I just think they could have come up with something more modern, I had a Brava in that colour................
There are a good choice of colours. What they need to avoid is having the modern colours that plagued the Bravo/a models. I had the misfortune of owning lichen green and bronze Mareas. What were they thinking?

The Maseratti blue is quite head turning and was my 2nd choice after black.
Nice motor, why is that the most popular colour though?

Also, can I ask, what insurance groups are the new Bravos falling into?


In my case, we had that colour because at the time was the only model they had that i could buy at a cheaper price because it was a test mdl. Was originally going for Black like Hellcat, but it was the 1.4 Active sport mdl.
I was then offered this one which is top of the range 150 BHP 1.4t-jet Sport with a few extras fitted to it already, 1.4 Active Sport is 90 BHP.
The one we have is group 10 insurance.