Any Trekkies about?

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Any Trekkies about?


I was only doing 80...
Mar 22, 2002
North East
Anyone seen Stone Trek, the skit on Star Trek and the Flintstones?

Well worth a look through if you're into that kind of thing, there's nine short episodes to watch, damn funny! (y)


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MINT!! BUt I can only get the current episode, how do you find the older ones, or do they not have enough webspace and bandwidth to air them all?
Go to Missions. You should get the image up for the start credits, then click the yellow arrow to the right for selecting next episodes.
Yep! I love all the references they keep chucking in :)
Its that long since I watched it I forgot what happened, 2001 was a good film though, even the filming techniques were decades ahead of its time. Wish films like that still came out, all we get it ripoff's of other peoples ripoffs :( although i went to see munich last night, my prior knowledge of the 1972 munich massacre was pretty sketchy, but now I get it all, not a bad film aswell if a little bleak.