Technical Any tank fitting tips?

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Technical Any tank fitting tips?

youll need vaseline type grease for persuading the pipes to go back on. the vent pipe is a bit of a swine.
the exhaust needs to come off to gain access.
watch out for the handbrake cable clips in the gap at the front of the tank.
got a welder? you may need one to fix the captive nuts on the subframe if you shear the bolts off.
im sure others will add stuff.
I think it would be better to take off the middle section and backbox for easier working.

Ghost, Pete and Sie have reported trouble with shearing nuts like Philbo mentioned, that and it being fiddly are your biggest problems.

cross your fingers and hope they dont shear. if you give em a good old spray with wd40 or the like youll be ok i reckon.
my car is quite rusty around the subframe and only one bolt sheared. i just drilled a hole straight through and tag welded a nut on top just to secure it (cos i had a wleder nearby at the time). if a bolt does shear you could drill it out and just balance a nut there with a big blob of grease. longer bolts will probably help too.
i think youll findit easiest to remove the exhaust tbh unless you trust the integrity of your flexi piece?
another thing you might need is...

mr tickle arms! :D
I have had mine off before, i just removed the back box and that was more than enough. Its not hard to remove the back box, two hangers and one joint. Def get the car as high as possible, becareful with the tank if it has petrol in it. The bolts can be the worst part, time spent at this point might save you oads later. Lots of back and forwards with a T bar and correct socket should do it ok.

Make sure you get the return pipe back on correctly, this can be a real pain as you need to access the top of the tank from inside the car once its nearly back in place.

I found i had to cut the Jubilee clip off the filler neck pipe as it was that old.

A 2nd pair of hand never goes a miss.