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General Any one with a 1.9 sporting!


Aug 11, 2007
Hi all,

Dont no if any of you have seen this:

So.... i was going 2 the petrol station and i saw a pump i havent seen befor, i looked and its HIGH OCTANE DIESEL! thought it tell any 1 that dident alredly no :D !

Its £1.01 per ltr though but come on high octane diesel How cool is that!
Don't you mean high CETANE diesel ;). There isn't much benefit using it tbh unless the diesel you already use is poor quality.
Shell also do V-power diesel, the only benefit that can justify paying the prices they charge is the cleaning additives added, and this only applies to vpower not high octane diesel.

People often start using these kind of fuels and then feel like if they stop using them it will make their car slower. I have a friend with a celica gt who daren't put normal unleaded in it.

It's all in the mind :nutter:
filled my tank up one day not long ago by accicdent with some so called super diesel in a bp filling station £1.06....:eek: i didnt make a ounce of difference.just in my pocket(n)
I started using supermarket diesel and the car was smoking a lot!

I then used Shell diesel, less smoke but still gutless at low revs.

I've been using BP Ultimate diesel since last November and the car pulls better at low revs, with virtually no smoke from the exhaust during hard acceleration. Note we have no Shell Extra in Wales...

Bizzarely, fuel consumption has not changed, however it seems my GP likes BP ultimate more than any other diesel at the moment... Can't wait to try Shell Extra once they bring it in Wales though.
I'm just nearing the end of my tank of BP ultimate diesel and i gotta say it does drive a lot nicer on that stuff, very smooth and rev easy. Plus its seems so far that its done more miles to a tank than usual, will know for certain when i fill up next.. . At 98.9p at the moment i dont mind using it all the time!