Technical any ideas please

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Technical any ideas please


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Mar 8, 2007
in the last month i have changed 2 coils ,now the car (sometimes) is a bit hesitent under acceleration just before this started happening i jet sprayed under the wheel arches and around the wheel ,the engine light does come on .my wife said that when it first happened the asr light came on for a split second .hope you can help its a 1.653plate.
Jet spraying in the area of D4- oh my

Try to dry everything out particularly the D4 connector area _See Stilo Guides.

Once it is totally dry - like in a few weeks, try to wrap and seal up the D4 connector with cling film and tie wraps

Pray. Don't ever do it again. Our thoughts are with you at this worrying time

It may not be anything to do with the jet spray- that would be good.:)
Try to get the fault code read
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the d4 connector is dry and the problem is still there,ive read on the forum about a abs,asr connector behind the wheels to check this would i have to remove each wheel.
the problem is the car is juddering when accelarating and the engine light keeps going on and off.