Another dealer quits part 2

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Another dealer quits part 2


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May 23, 2011
Norfolk UK
First off this is not a thread to discuss the merits of draw backs of electric cars.

Today I had the opportunity to visit another dealer who had quit and pick up something I thought was a lot smaller than it turned out to be…

Thankfully it splits into two otherwise there would have been no way to get it home, but even then I had to lay the front seat back in my wife’s countryman and it only just fit.

I also finally got my hands on one of these, something I’d wanted for a while

It would literally cover the bonnet of the Punto, the plan is to mount them on the garage wall and back light them with LEDS.

Also with the big sign breaking into two pieces down the middle depending which one you put in front you can play the news game “fat or fit”


They had a lot of cool stuff actually, it’s a shame I couldn’t buy it all, it was a family run Fiat dealer that was closing down with the owners deciding to retire apparently.

Yet another one gone, still at least I saved some bits from the skip.
I take it you didn't find a brand new factory engine for your project?:)
They have a lot of parts apparently, but they have not gone through them. There are said to be a lot of punto parts in there, but it's going to take a while to sort it all out. They said its all mainly mechanical parts and service parts.
This is the eBay account of the guy who has been tasked with going through all the stuff, he’s putting it on as he sorts it but there are some rather cool and rare panda posters from 2003 ish era that he has on sale there at the moment

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