An Unexpected Surprise! :D

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An Unexpected Surprise! :D

May 31, 2006
With my EMA Today (£30) came a £100 bonus, hadn't a clue i was meant to get it, how handy though, the puntos first MOT is due on the 29th :D payday from work this friday coming too!! yay

anyone else get a bonus from EMA? not even sure i'm meant to get it, only been back 3 weeks
Good for you for getting it (from a fellow ex college person like you), but I bloody hated the idea of my best friend getting it and me not entitled to it...where's the logic? There's no difference between me and my best friend, except I had to go work at Tesco for drink/car money.

If they do EMA to pursuade you to stay on, they should give it to everyone or not at all.

However I'm biased cos I never got it, so good on u :D
the bonus is for being punctual over the course of the term, the £30 is what you recieve each week for doing the same, I used to get £10 a week when I was at college and it barely covered the bus fare, but as mentioned above there were people on £30 a week who didn't need it.
it goes off what your parents earn which isn't fair,

Course its fair.

Unfortuneatly my parents are divorced and i gave some of my EMA to my mum who only works part time to help out so we were perhaps in the lowest of the low in terms of family earnings.

I had a part time job so had enough to keep me going and was more than happy to give her some, as the bills didnt stop coming in, nor were reduced

There are many other People that are/were in my situation and the money helps a lot and makes it an incentive to go to college, therefore deserve more than people who just see it as 'beer tokens' and t*ss it off when they are at college
i went to sixth form out in the sticks and the coach fare was about £600!! per year. so the ema did not cover it and both me and my parents were left out of pocket, especially since ema replaced a travel grant which was more fair ie related as to who needed it and how much they need. admittedly i could of gone to the local college. but i wanted/got pretty decent grades.

if you have a pretty much new car, can afford to buy, run and insure a rs turbo. and you just want to drink away the £100 bonus. something tells me that's not right. maybe you got a decent job and work hard. then again parents own caravan/something in scotland? be glad you got it rather than say it's unfair that it's based on parents earnings.