Technical Air Bag Warning Light.

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Technical Air Bag Warning Light.


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Jan 7, 2006
Any ideas for a quick fix, the red warning light has come on on my 03 Punto Mk2. (Air Bag) Thanks.
I had the same problem myself, took it to the dealeship and they said it was an electrical problem which they fixed (car was in warranty) immediately. Maybe you could also try the garage.
Thanks for the advice. Spoke to my brother in law over the weekend as he runs his own motor business, he said he will get my ECU read and reset for £30 (not his equipment). But he assured me that it was not an MOT failure, and garages were milking this one. Once my wife had her car failed on a dashboard switch backlight, that's B*$"\+T! And i was once failed on emissions after having them checked at my brother in laws garage 20 mins earlier. You have to watch them.
I would like to see an official list of the new MOT checks though, anyone got a link?