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Styling aerial help


Mar 10, 2004
lancashire, United Kingdom.
this is where my aerial has snapped how can i put a screw in one in ?
would i have to remove baseplate, how i tried shifting it no luck

how easy is it to fit a screw in one to this set up cheers


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its the aerial that has snapped then
as the x is where it screws in
the end of antena got like claws that like let it move up and down snapped there
can i just get a screw in one like remove base or something cheers
i had a similar problem and replaced all of the components under the black dome thingy. found a seicento for breaking on ebay and bought the components from him. you will be looking at between £6-10 for the parts. good luck.


hope this helps
the ariel just unscrews from the top of the car just pu the ariel down so it will be flat with the car roof... look on top and youll see a screw, undo that and the base just comes free, i got a brand new ariel from of the cassified section of this site for £5 mine snapped in exactly same place

oldracer said:
agai n try you dealer bet its not much

I dunno...........for a start, it's unlikely that Fiat would have it in stock, so would have to order it in for you, so that could be two trips to the dealership, and if they are a fair way away, then by the time you add on travel and time costs it is probably more expensive.............I can't find the base on shop4parts, but the mast only is £7.57 (Fiat OE by the sounds of it). I would imagine the base would be a similar price. You get change from a tenner on that eBay auction................