General advice please!!!!!!

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General advice please!!!!!!

Alex B

Nov 20, 2005
west yorkshire
what do you guys think to this;

im thinkin about gettin it for my gran, dare i say it (adopts hushed tone) shes got a manual N*SS*N M**RA at the moment and its poo.

thanks in advance (y)
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If your nana is going to look after it, then i would go for it. If its just going to be a runabout that wont be looked after, get her a fiesta :) and let my mam buy the panda (she is hoping to put a last minute bid in, but only up to £300).
e505jpy said:
Christopher dear, you say that about every Selecta on Ebay....:shakehead


she has decided that it has to be a green or red selecta, so she has fallen in love with this one, but i think the 1000cc engine coupled with the auto box will mean a very slow car (the car really needs the 1108cc engine).
i reckoned that might be a type error. im going to look after it for her. lol as for the stickers shes a granny with attitude. you think id let her drive a fiesta!??!?!!? :D
This is frustrating, cause I'm at work and they won't let me look at Ebay so I can't advise you, so I'll say if Steve ok's it then it must be ok, Him having so many and all pass through his sticky little fingers. :)
christopher watson said:
no, i was selling costume jewellery, make up, and womens clothing at a car boot sale :)
you can tell the new year has just come... or was it a spring clean for this years collections?
DO not be fooled, there is very little difference between the performance of the 999 and 1108 Selecta's, provided that the 999 is properly adjusted timing wise. Bare in mind that the adoption of the 1108 was for Fiat engine production reasons and to cope with the restriction in performance encountered with the introduction of the CAT in 92.