Technical Abarth grande punto hill holder control + asr error

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Technical Abarth grande punto hill holder control + asr error


Aug 28, 2023
Hi i have a grande punto abarth , and recently it started to give me some errors ot starting the engine with asr not available and hill holder control not available, if i turn off and start again most of times disapears , the machine give me this errors i dont have multiecuscan for now .i was thinking it could be the yaw rate sensor , usualy is the sensor itseld or the conectors?


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Any tips? Is just a bad steering wheel sensor or something i could check first ?
I have done
wheel alignment
Wheel calibration
Tried to reset the steering sensor
And checked if was any loose cable in the yaw rate sensor
Everything is fine steering feels fine no more heavy than usual and does not pull to any side , overall the car feels fine and the only thing it does is the errors on the startup , if i turn off and then on again is Everything fine
Today i did live data , and the only thing not normal was the clutch position , is on open position , should be a clutch sensor? Or just wiring or relay? Best regards
I finally scaned with mes and had this codes c0051 c1002 and in the engine had the u0422 , i calibrate the longitudinal acelaration sensor and the steering with the mes , and erased the codes i started the car and move the steering and all and scaned again in mes , no isues or codes did this solved or they can pop out again? Best regards