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a health question

Dec 10, 2006
wilmslow, cheshire
in lockdown I was furloughed from my part time office job [largely sat on 'arris tapping at a computer], but rewinding back to the start of this year 2020 I was looking for driving work which is something I used to do previously, I had applied for jobs but heard nothing, then we had lockdown and that was job hunting done with for the time being as there were none and if anything companies were letting people go.

anyway, in august I was back to work at the office as our industry picked back up, but I also followed up a local job that I applied for pre lockdown, with a good old letter and my cv, anyway they wanted me to come in and see them and within 10 mins of an informal interview I got offered the job.

now, I am not slim, I am 100kgs and walked about 500 steps a day, poor.

but now I am a milk man delivering milk on my round to around 120 addresses per day, its three days per week and I am now walking approx 22,000 steps per shift.

I thought that my weight might have come off a bit, I have been doing it now for nearly a month and weigh the same! dont get me wrong I am no health fanatic and although I dont eat a lot, its probably not healthy stuff and at the wrong times.

so, loads of exercise, walking, lifting, bending down to drop things off and pick them up again, yet I weigh the same?

Mrs says I will be exchanging fat for muscle tone, will I? when will I start to see a loss?

be honest! :)
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Hello Levermircento

I'm the wrong side of 60 and and started doing a 5 mile hike every day at the beginning of lockdown in March.
I personally didnt see any difference in myself, but other people did and only after a good three months of religiously doing my walk.

At a latter stage of the walk I had to run across a fairly busy road, and go up a hill.

Out of curiosity I decided to see how far I could get continuously running across the road and up the hill, I worked out I could only manage only 100 yards before my legs, groin and everything hurt and my lungs were bursting.

After a lot of weeks of this (and I had good days and bad days) I could eventually make 400 yards.

I also noticed that the performance dropped off depending on when I'd eaten last; I found the optimum time to eat was about three hours before the walk.

I'm continuing to do this walk, but due to an unrelated knee issue I'm no longer running up the hill any more.

The process is slow, but I was amazed when I pushed myself the extra bit, and found I could (sometimes) make the 400 yards.

I'm not one for weighing myself, but my work trousers are certainly less tight so I know some weight has gone!

Keep up the good effort. Also try drinking more water as it will fill you up a bit and make you feel less hungry - something else I've found useful!

Try to stick with your routine but don't start looking for results - rather just let other people notice them first.

(According to the app on my phone which is set to my strides, 11,000 steps is approximately 4 miles)

Good Luck! (y)
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Im at the opposite end of the scale

Always slim :skinny was @50kg got to 73 at max

But basic frame and metabolism cant be beaten

I know several people who are 'larger'

They go to great lengths to 'lose weight'

But its obviously not how they are meant to be.. it soon returns to 'their natural state'

100kg is reasonably heavy..
But would have different effects on a 5 foot frame to a 6'4" frame ;)

More importantly..
Have you maintained what you have for years..

Im always active.. forced inactivity made me gain @15/20% bodyweight.. it was gone in 2 months once back on my feet

But only back to my 'normal'

Presumably a milk round is completely different start..finish hours to an office job.. these all have effects on your body ;)

As important.. do you FEEL better in yourself ?

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I’m mid 60s just under 6ft and 15 stone. I’ve taken up cycling again, do some exercise. I do feel I’m getting a bit fitter, but I like my food, now here’s the rub, like yourself I’m not loosing hardly any weight. I suspect like me probably putting a bit much in via mouth or eating too much goodies :D

I did get to 13 1/2 stone a couple of years ago but the exercise I had to do was exhausting, the one secret I found was drink as much water as you can and then some. Best of luck.
Thought I'd join in here because weight, the controlling of that is, has always been a problem for me. I was a real podge when I was a schoolboy. My contemporaries nick named me "Bunter", Older forum members will, I'm sure, remember Billy Bunter? I waddled my way through life until I went to tech college where I lived in digs and never had enough money. I was courting the future Mrs J by then so kept my money for going out and would eat just enough to stave off death! I'd finished growing by then and ended up at about 5 ft 7 ins tall and around 11 stone - looking at old 'photos of myself I looked pretty "fit"! I stayed that way through most of my 20's because I was just so busy then slowly started putting on weight. By the time I was in my 40s I was over 14 stone and looked pretty "Fat" visually. I remember a good friend saying "take your clothes off. If you look down and can't see the end of your "best friend" you're too fat!" It's stayed with me all my life and I now aim to pin my weight around the 11.5 to 12 stone with "friend" always visible.

My secret? The soup diet! Invented by self and Mrs J - who is a soup maker extraordinaire! We both eat the same food almost exclusively so if we find we are getting a little "porky" we go on the soup diet for a week or so - until the weight comes back within target. Typically this will be a bowl of cereal or porridge and a cup of tea in the morning. Fruit and a cereal bar or similar at lunch and a large bowl of the soup with dry bread at evening meal time (around 6pm for us). You can drink as much tea and juice as you want. When not on the diet we eat pretty much whatever we want, but that includes a lot of vegetables beans etc and no dark meat with small amounts of turkey and chicken. I "fine control" weight at these times by weighing myself every day and if the weight is just nudging up I don't change what I eat the next day, just eat less of it. I always remember Alan Carr's advice to "make hunger your friend" Remember it, it really works! I try also to walk for about an hour to an hour and a half each day, but don't always do so. Mrs J swims a lot, like 80 lengths of the pool at a go! Things are very difficult for her just now as the pools are closed so she tends to walk with me.

The only really weird thing I couldn't account for was that, Around 10 years ago, not having measured my height for several years, I measured it and found I was only around 5 ft 6 ins (or slightly under) I was very puzzled by this until my doctor told me not to worry as it's not unheard of for height to be lost as a result of knee surgery. Of course I had complete knee replacement surgery on both knees , I suppose the surgeon just cut off a wee bit more leg bone than he intended?
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I've heard of the soup thing being really good - I'm sure it was an experiment with a group of squaddies who found they felt fuller if they had soup than if they had a more solid meal.

With the onset of winter, hearty soups could be a good way forward.

My missus makes some awesome soups we had one this week - red kidney and butter beans, loads of tomatoes, tomato puree, sweet peppers, smoked bacon (sometimes chicken), but always flavoured with a rare thing - Lovage; nobody seems to use Lovage much these days but its amazing. We have two plants in the garden and harvest the young leaves in spring which go into the freezer and last until next season. Also involved is Rosemary and finely chopped Coriander. It always tastes better after 'maturing' for a day or two. Could eat it all day long (y)
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