99 performance tips for windows XP

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99 performance tips for windows XP

uno_94 said:

1. youve already complained that its running hot
2. its old and fulla dust, so wont cool very efficintly
3 ITS A LAPTOP! you cant upgrade the fans in them!

in other words youll end up burning your lap, yyour laptop or most likely BOTH! :rolleyes:
overclocking a laptop is hands down one of the stupidest things to do. the only laptop that will handle an overclock is the Dell XPS line of laptops.

celeron + overclock = bad idea.
laptop + overheating + overclock = disaster.
beau + idea = :cry:
H2DaE said:
Beau, I used to think that you were just a little bit sad with all this Ebay stuff, but now I actually think you need help. I mean who buys Windows XP performance tips off of Ebay when like Custard said a simple Google would find them?

yeah he does need help..... should we send him to disney land paris?