4*100 Wheels - do they fit Fiat 4*98 PCD?

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4*100 Wheels - do they fit Fiat 4*98 PCD?



I keep seeing various 4*100 wheels offered for sale in fiat forums, that fit Bravos. The 1.4 has 98 PCD according to the book, do 4*100 wheels fit the bravo?

Thanks for any help, in a foreign country and trying to get some wheels on the car for a MOT.

Many thanks in advance!

All Bravo's use 4x98 but you can fit 4x100's if you use wobbly bolts.

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Bear in mind though that wobbly bolts are not cheap and some people insist cast doubts on thier safety, (I think they are O.K. providing that the wheels have perfectly-fitting 58.1mm spigot rings, otherwise well dodgy.)
If you havnt got a 58.1 CB then standard bolts are well dodgy as well.

It's the CB that takes the weight, not the bolts.

yes indeedy. the name 'wobbly' is perhaps inaccurate. Their true name is sliding head bolt, and they are perfectly safe to use on 4x100 or even 4x98 wheels. the bolts dont have mush by way of forces working against them, and as above, the weight is taken up on the centre bore. Interestingly, i've never heard anyone say spigot rings are unsafe despite their slightly flimsy composition.

'Wobbly bolts' are about £2 each from motorworld, but remember to only order 12 because you'll presumably want a set of 4 locking wobblies. Those unfotunately cost £40 for a set of 4, but its worth it to add theft protection to your nice new alloys...

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Thanks guys,

i have some momo's on there at the moment, a couple have been damaged slightly when kerbed by the looks of it which creates vibration at higher speeds.

I have been told i can refurb these and they will take this damage out. What you think? are alloys 'repairable' how do they take out a bend type dent?

Thanks as always, BC
you deep freeze alloys to get dents and buckles out, sounds odd but it works (on small damage).

may be cheaper than getting new alloys, but remember you need to repaint an alloy once it has been frozen, and to respray a set of 4 alloys can cost you £140+ for a pro job. you'd need to paint all 4 to get a good colour match.