Mechanically restored Bravo 100 HLX (Yellow)

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Mechanically restored Bravo 100 HLX (Yellow)




Just wanted to post on here for the last of the die-hard fans of our "182" Bravo's, what I've been doing the last few months with a 2000 plate, yellow, 100 HLX Bravo I purchased for tuppence.

When I got the car, she fairly neglected. Dull paintwork, filthy engine bay, kerbed alloys, lots of tar spots & light scratches. But she drove well, with no knocks or bangs, engine pulled well too, and gearbox was easy with no grinding or difficulties, subframe was solid too, and there were no dents on the bodywork at all! A rarity with these Bravo's now.

With only 55k on the clock I took the chance and bought her.

The first thing I set to work on was a thorough clean and tidy of the bodywork. I set to work with my trusty tar remover, and cleared all of the spots and splats of tar off the car. This gave me a chance to cut the scratches out of the paintwork. All tar gone, and just one scratch I couldn't fully cut out of the paint, on the drivers side door sill. So would only be visible from when the door is opened.

The next phase was to sort the plastic mouldings out, over the years of not enough cleaning, and open to the elements, they weren't really black any more, but a mottled grey. I sourced a permanent black trim repair from the U.S. which I have to say has worked a charm. The plastic is back to factory black again, BUT, without that silicon shine, which, to me, looks OTT.

Then really the final phase for the bodywork, a good deep clean and wax off. Now she looks like new. Seriously. You'd honestly put a 2011/12 pate on the condition of the bodywork.

Then the hard work began!

I'd noticed the price of parts for the Bravo were so cheap online. I'd decided to refresh and renew, even if it didn't really need doing. With a view that even if the part wasn't showing signs of a wear, surely a brand new part without 55k miles on it would perform better, even if marginal.

So here's the list of parts replaced for brand new:

ARB droplink bushes,
Wishbones (for the ball joints)
Top Shock Absorber Mounts
Shock absorber bump stops and dust cap assembly
Shock Absorbers
Brake Calipers
Brake Discs
Brake Pads
Brake (flexible) hose

New Full Exhaust system
With new hangers

Shock Absorbers
Brake Cylinders
Brake Shoes
Brake Drums

Full service, all fluids change. Brake/Clutch, Power Steering, Coolant and of course Oil. New filters, inc pollen of course.
Engine has been fully cleaned up again. And again looks like a 2011/12 car under there.

Interior was the only place which just needed a good clean, and again looks like new again. I just replaced the cassette grundig unit for the grundig unit which has a CD in it. (Think this was from some Marea's, and the Trofeo & Formula versions of the Bravo).

Modifications from factory:

Front Bonnet struts - now the bonnet opens without too much of an effort.
Black side repeaters - goes with the rest of the black & yellow theme.
Fiat Marea "poly" headlamps - better light output than the standards.
LHD rear light cluster - now has 2 foglights.
New rear reflector and reverse light assembly - fits exactly where the original reflectors sat, but instead they have a bright reverse LED in the centre, backed by a red reflector

And I think that's it.

Suffice to say that car which cost nothing to buy, but just time to fit parts to, drives better than a lot of "modern" vehicles.

It leaves me wondering why Fiat stopped production of this model so early. I think they make a cracking car!
It's the right approach in my mind, good job. Pics would be great, google imageur it is a pain free image hosting site.

The new wishbones also give the massive benifit of the new wishbone mounts.

If you dont have remote central locking you could keep an eye out for a Meta M20 relay kit i still see the odd one for sale. Its just a remote central locking relay with a reciever buit in and some key fobs.
It has the remote alarm system with the key with the button on the side. As it's a hlx. I was looking for a flip key upgrade for it, but all the flip key upgrades for single button systems seem to have the button the flat of the key not the side... Bare with me on pics, will be uploading next few days.
Great :)

I made a flip key from a chinees case from ebay, advertised for puntos.

I used a new shank from a standard Bravo key I had cut at a key shop. I had to cut the new shank out of the standard key, file it in places to fit the flip case, make the end the right size to slot in and file a groove for a roll pin.

Then trim the inside of the case to take the little PCB.

I got a new chip style immobiliser chip (not the original mk1 pill style) I noticed this turns my immobiliser of much quicker than the original keys.

And i got a little metal Fiat badge of ebay again.

Heres pics of mine, would be interesting to see what you come up with.


The blue key shown here is the one i had cut to chop up for my flip case.

Im really interested in seeing your reverse lights setup and what part you used exactly?

You could also look at a couple of other mods;

- Bravo 2007 Windscreen Washer Jets
- connects2 CTAFAIPOD007 iPod adapter (I have the grundig cd unit too and it works with it perfectly)
- 2007 Fiat 500 Door Handles, (needs some of the mechanism trimming same as 147 handles)
- Lockwood Stainless Steel Sill Kick plates
- Bosch AeroTwin AR551S 22"20" Wiper Blades They are the flat type

Does your grundig CD headunit sit slightly proud of the dash? mine does.
The reverse light set up uses Eagle LEDS 9W LED lights (on Ebay from HK I think), and 72mm reflectors, with a hole in the centre. The hole had to be further drilled to take the thread of the Eagle eyed LEDS.

I've already gone for the aero flat blades, although I think I managed 24", will check this though.

And funnily enough I got a steal on Ebay for the kickplates too. Which look lovely, when the doors open.

Quick question re the flip key, I'm confused on how you used those Punto single button units, as the button isn't on the side on those? But on the board inside the Bravo key the button is on the side.

You'd also mentioned using new Bravo washer jets. Are these mist type jets? And whats the fittment like? Any modding needed for that?

As for the Ipod - I'm stuck in the 80's/90's so not fussed about that sort of connection. However when I fitted the CD unit, I noticed it stuck out a little at the top. I worked out if was the central bolt at the back of the unit, needed shortening a little. Maybe the same for yours?
The washer jets are not mist type but they are a perfect fit after chopping off a small part of plastic. Fiat just modified the original Bravo design See;

With the flip key im not using a punto PCB, im using my original Bravo;s PCB.

The CD-Player, I suspected the central bolt too ill do the same with mine.

You can see my car here;
Was just looking at your car on the fiatforum. You're giving that Bravo the attention they all deserve. And it looks excellent for it.

Looks like a similar job to what I'm doing. You seem just like me, attention to detail is everything!

Can I ask where you got your dark side indicators from? I looked on Ebay, and they only have the nasty clear, with black plastic backed units - I know a lot of people didn't like them, as they seemed cheap and poor quality. It's the units which look like the standard frosted orange ones, except they're frosted black, which I'm after. This is to go with the Yellow/Black theme!

The 500 door handles I'd been aware of too. But I'd already purchased and replaced the standard rubber with new rubber handles. What a fiddly job that was...

I've a feeling your original Bravo key is different to mine then. Your original Bravo key probably had the alarm button on the flat face of the blue handle, whereas the latter keys had the button on the thinner side of the handle. If that makes any sense?
My side repeaters are InPro, they used to be lots on ebay but not so much these days. They are E marked and good quality but i had to put a sealer between the back and the lense they where letting in water from standard.

My original key was this style;

Spent all day waxing it today :D and yeah i think detail is everything.
You know, I've had a few people say to me - why spend so much time on an old Fiat?

But it's funny I currently have a Corsa 10 plate used for business. It's a fine car, reliable, economical, etc. But there's something special about the Bravo I find.

In terms of ride I'd say on par with the Corsa, albeit some concrete roads the Bravo is firmer.

Quietnes - the Bravo is better. It's noticeably quieter at speed.

Driving feel - this would be for me the most noticeable improvement over the Corsa. Steering feels connected, handling feels sharper, gearchange is far nicer, and the overall "product" feels better quality. Even the sound of the door shutting on the Bravo has a more quality "thunk" than the Corsa.

And that's comparing a car which is over 10 years younger than the Bravo.
Inpro - will look that up! And also some sealant...

Yup - that's an early Bravo key. Mine had the button on the edge (thin side). And when you open the key up, the PCB has the button side mounted too. Which for me has been the sticking point for a flip key upgrade - I've not seen any flip keys with a button on the thin side, but instead they're always on the flat wider side of the key.

I'll keep hunting for that!
Hi Adrian,

I wanted to get ipod connector for Grundig CD player too but unfortunately the company u referred to does not send it overseas...Is it possible to get it from you..payment via paypal is possible..

Thanks a lot..& Cheers