Technical 2 week clutch fix

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Technical 2 week clutch fix


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Jan 4, 2004
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Clutch replaced 2 weeks ago under warranty at 19k & 2 years old. Today two weeks later the same noise has returned, creaks when you press and depress pedal slowly. Again sounds like slave. Only does noise after driving for an hour now, was 30 mins last time!

Also when you move the gearstick left towards passenger side it squeeks under bonnet, when hot or cold engine!

Took to dealer they at first said cant hear it, then we went on a 10 min drive and noise came back, tech said it is a different noise to before, (said sounds same to me) and it is coming from behind pedal, something in pedal construction making noise.

Gear noise is a rubber bush that can be lubricated without opening gearbox??? Is that likely?

So its now booked in to try and lubricate all of pedal and into engine bay and the bush next week.
Oh dear heavens. Can't the mechanics there tell the difference between a squeaking pedal and a knackered clutch? Usually takes lots of lube at the pedal and actuator pivot points.

If they're as inept as that then make sure the clutch pedal isn't rubbing against the overfoot cover like mine was, that will also cause premature clutch wear

Yes the gearshift squeak can easily be a dry bush, especially if the gearbox has been removed (which it obviously has)

Still you've gotten a free clutch for your troubles:)
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Can they fix a dry bush without removing the gearbox again? is it just a case of a bit of lube on it?

They say they may need the car for 3 days next week!
"Can they fix a dry bush without removing the gearbox again? is it just a case of a bit of lube on it?"

"They say they may need the car for 3 days next week!"
Going to use a lot of lub then are they?:)
Thanks for help, at least the bush thing is right then! He also said that noise is not doing any damage and wouldn't in the long that right too, he said dry bushes are harmless but annoying!
Possibly increased wear if there is no lubrication on the bush, but prob nothing too serious.
Car dropped off at 8.30 today. They are meant to be fixing creaking clutch noise, which they cannot locate exactly after fitting a new clutch 3 weeks ago, so loads of lube today. Also the gear lever squeaks when pushed left and back to centre...lube a dry bush if they can.

If this is all unsuccesful again am I OK to turn up at another Fiat dealer in a couple of weeks and get them to have a look and fix or would they not be keen to do it? i have receipts for warranty work of new clutch?