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Jan 15, 2023
I'll start off by saying I'm new here so sorry if this has been asked before, i did try to look it up.
Has anyone put 17 inch rims on a 169? I seen a set of wheels for sale advertised as 4x98 apparently coming off an abarth(not sure which model). Just wondering if they'd bolt right on or if i would have problems with rubbing/turning circle and if so, what could i do to make them fit?
It’s been done but by every account not for long. The combination of bigger wheels and the necessity to fit lower profile tyres would make the ride unbearable. I’ve tried the Abarth 16’s on mine and that was bad enough. 15’s are the sweet spot, anything bigger is a massive compromise. Only my opinion obviously…
… plus they look a bit silly and will take a second off your 0-60 time.
This looks great to me, the wheels look nice and snug in the arches. All things considered though i think I'll just pass and keep an eye out for 15s, thanks.
Yeah, nice and snug when it’s stationary equates to wincing at every fast bend, undulation and speed bump when it’s not. Another option is for the 16’s with 40 profile tyres, didn’t try this myself but this would give you the same rolling diameter as the 100hp wheels. Definitely don’t think it would improve the ride though.


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My 100HP has 15s with 50 series 195-50 tyres. The original 195-45 were hard as nails and utterly horrible. I can only guess at how bad 17s would ride. Then there's the potholes. You will never need to worry about worn-out - they'll have been potholed to death, along with the rims.